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Original collage.
11" x 5 1/2", 05.11.2022

Framed in a black metal frame with UV-filtering anti-glare plexiglass, 9 1/4" x 15".

An example of the frame type is in the photos.
Please contact me if you would like to purchase the art unframed.




There was a thing called Silence.
and a thing called thinking---thinking!
I have done practically nothing.
I have survived. but now I am too tired

I ate and drank and gathered strength,
devolve into mere meat.
their god is their belly,
who will, suffocate in their own detritus.

Plus, you can save even more when you
buy now, pay later
keep up with the disease
Relieve pain in joints, and body organs.

Pain's a delusion. It isn't that bad.
I felt very uncomfortable.
Isn't there some pill you can give me?
The eyes are blank. "I don't know."

Dilated Pupils becasue they're dead.
useful even after we're dead.

Making plants grow.
kept on living close to the earth,
overrun by grass and weeds.

The line between life and death blurs.

There Was a Thing Called Silence

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