Original collage.

11" x 5 1/2", 11.06.2021



a beautiful autumn morning.
concrete stairs sprouting saplings
I forced myself to look
at the voiceless silence of a tree
I decided to smile, smile transparently

I am afraid of human ignorance
the natural tendency is to do nothing and
nothing is wrong.
They had it wrong. wrong, wrong, and wrong again.

uniquely human -- curiosity language soul streaming

when ther eis just enough time to eat your sandwich
have been known to choke on their own
double-tap-worthy Instagram feed.
a common cause of a dull smartphone headache.
The brain itself feels nothing
has no pain receptors at all.

We have At least nine senses

What kind of life is this: without curiosity.
What is light? Or love? Or laughter?
Nobody knows.
They eat, sleep, and die upside down.

Are you Civilized to Death ?


Are You Civilized To Death?